The Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of no fewer than twelve 12 Directors and no more than twenty 20 Directors. The Board of Directors shall include six (6) Members at Large (three (3) elected and three (3) appointed) reflecting the NACUBO Constituency Councils (Community Colleges, Comprehensive Institutions/Research Institutions, and Small Institutions), the two (2) immediate Past Presidents, the appointed Finance Committee Chair, the appointed Professional Development Steering Committee Chair(s), the Chair of the Host Committee (without vote), the Chair of the Audit Committee, the Chair of the Business Partner Steering Committee, the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, the appointed Treasurer, and such ex-officio members as are provided for in these bylaws. Any Director elected or appointed must be employed at an institution which is an institutional member of the Association and must remain so employed throughout the term for which he or she was elected or appointed. [WACUBO Bylaws, Article VI, Sect. 1]

The WACUBO Board of Directors is vested with the direction and management of the affairs, funds, and property of this Association. The Board of Directors and the Board shall have the following general functions:

  1. Determine desired outcomes for organizational success
  2. Make/approve policy
  3. Assure appropriate resources to support the strategic plan
  4. Adopt an appropriate governance system and leadership structure
  5. Evaluate its own performance through review and evaluation

[WACUBO Bylaws, Article VI, Sect. 4]

WACUBO Organizational Chart (pdf)

Executive Committee

Robert Moore Robert Moore, President
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Colorado College
Archa Asawa Arch Asawa, 1st Vice President and Volunteer Engagement Chair
Vice President for Finance and Administration, CFO and Chief Investment Officer
Soka University of America
Teresa Costantinidis Teresa Costantinidis, 2nd Vice President and 2018 Annual Conference Program Chair
Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
University of California, San Francisco
Kori Wetsel Kori Wetsel, Secretary
Manager, Travel, Training and Policy Coordination
University of Utah
Cheryl Heath Cheryl Heath, Treasurer
Vice President for Administration and CFO
Northern Wyoming Community College District


Brad Baca Brad Baca, At Large, Small Institutions Chair
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Western State Colorado University
Dean Calvo Dean Calvo, At Large, Business Partner Council Chair
Vice President for Finance and Administration/Treasurer
Claremont Graduate University
Linda Cordier Linda Cordier, At Large, Community Colleges Chair
Manager, Program and Academic Services
Pima Community College
Lisa Frace Lisa Frace, At Large, Professional Development Workshops Co-Chair
Associate Vice President for Planning and Budget
Arizona State University
Harold Hewitt Harold Hewitt, Business Partner Steering Chair
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Chapman University
Ruth Johnston Ruth Johnston, 3rd Vice President
Vice Chancellor, Administration and Planning
University of Washington, Bothell
Monica Kane Monica Kane, At Large, CDRIC Chair
Chief of Staff and Contract Administrator
University of Alaska, Anchorage
Robyn Pennington Robyn Pennington, Professional Development Steering Chair
Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice Chancellor and CFO
California State University
Matt Skinner Matt Skinner, Audit Chair
Associate Vice President, Finance
Washington State University
Lynn Valenter Lynn Valenter, Past Past President
Vice Chancellor, Finance and Operations
Washington State University Vancouver
Barbara Gillett Valiente Barbara Gillett Valiente, Finance Chair
Associate Vice President and Controller
Occidental College
Jean Vock Jean Vock, Immediate Past President
Vice President, Finance & Business/CFO
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Nicholle Zarkower Nicholle Zarkower, At Large, Marketing and Communications Chair
Director, Administrative Services, Housing and Residential Life
University of Arizona

Committee Chairs

Lauralea Edwards Lauralea Edwards, Data Analysis Committee
Management Analyst/Fiscal Officer
Washington State University

Business Management Institute

Pam Hemann Pam Hemann, Business Management Institute Director
Association Management Services, Inc.