Summer brings the return of WACUBO’s Business Management Institute (BMI), an immersion professional development program that has stood the test of time, now in its 61st year.

This multi-day event, August 6-10, is designed for today’s and tomorrow’s higher education business leaders.

The Business Management Institute at the University of California at Santa Barbara is an immersion program with a four-track curriculum. It is designed to develop early-stage professionals and/or those new to higher education business and administration starting with Track 1 through progressively experienced, decision-making professionals with Track 4.

BMI is a proven WACUBO professional development experience. Don’t be surprised if someone encourages you to attend BMI, since 99% of attendees indicated they would recommend BMI to a colleague. That’s right – 255 participants across the four tracks of BMI think their colleagues should experience the Business Management Institute.

CPE credits will be offered. At the 2016 BMI, over 1,000 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits were awarded with onsite CPE credit scanning available in each track. Intense classroom days give way to cool evenings with fun and relaxing events, including a picnic at the beach to unwind and make more connections with other participants. So just in case you were thinking it was all learning and no recovery time for the brain, think again!

And here are a few testimonials about their BMI experience:

The topics had great variety and the faculty was top quality.

At BMI, I learned things that I am already putting into place at my college.

I was very impressed with the overall value, expertise and presenters of each section I attended. Very well done!!

Great to scan for CPE credits onsite. I loved the T-Shirt Exchange too!

Don’t be surprised if a colleague urges you to attend WACUBO’s 2017 Business Management Institute (BMI) at the University of California at Santa Barbara, August 6-10. 98% of attendees tell us they recommend BMI to others.

UCSB is a smoke free campus:  Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco or unregulated nicotine products (such as electronic cigarettes) is prohibited on and within UCSB managed property. UCSB managed property includes all UCSB facilities, owned or leased, both indoor and outdoor. The sale or distribution of tobacco and unregulated nicotine products on or within UCSB managed property is also prohibited.

Should I Attend?

BMI, WACUBO’s higher education management institute is designed to deliver the administrative skills and management concepts needed by individuals who are in the business of higher education. The multi-track institute has curriculum applicable across professional career levels within college and university business management.

What Will I Learn?

Tracks 1 and 2 are designed for high-potential individuals in the earlier stages of their career. The curriculum includes skills-based courses in accounting, budgeting, and presenting financial information, as well as courses related to working with others, and career strategies.

Tracks 3 and 4 are focused on advanced studies for those who are seeking to increase their knowledge of working across the whole university system. The curriculum includes lessons in leadership, case studies, organizational development, building high-performance teams, strategic planning and budgeting, and university advancement.

General questions about BMI, contact Carrie at, 626.449.4356 or Pam at, 626.449.4356.

Online registration questions or issues for BMI, contact Amy at or 202.861.2556.