Susan Cain


Susan Cain is the co-founder of Quiet Revolution LLC and the author of the award-winning New York Times bestseller Quiet: The Power of Introverts in A World That Can't Stop Talking, which has been translated into thirty-six languages, has appeared on many "Best of" lists, and was named the #1 best book of the year by Fast Company magazine, which also named Ms. Cain on of its Most Creative People in Business. Ms. Cain's book was the subject of a TIME Magazine cover story, and her writing has appeared in the The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. Her record-smashing TED talk has been viewed over 11 million times, and was named by Bill Gates one of his all-time favorite talks. Ms. Cain has also spoke at Microsoft, Google, the U.S. Treasury, the S.E.C., Harvard, Yale, West Point and the US Naval Academy. She received Harvard Law School's Celebration Award for Thought Leadership, the Toastmasters International Golden Gavel Award for Communication and Leadership, and was named one of the world' top 50 Leadership and Management Experts by Inc. Magazine. She is an honors graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School.

Robert Birgeneau

Professor and Former Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley

Robert J. Birgeneau became the ninth Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, on September 22, 2004 serving until May 31, 2013. An internationally distinguished physicist, he is a leader in higher education and well known for his commitment to diversity and equity in the academic community. During his service as Chancellor, Dr. Birgeneau strengthened UC Berkeley's standing as one of the top few universities, public or private, in the world. Under his leadership Berkeley became the first university in the United States to offer comprehensive financial aid to undocumented students and the first public university to provide significant financial aid to middle class students. Before coming to Berkeley, Dr. Birgeneau served four years as President of the University of Toronto. He previously was Dean of the School of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he spent 25 years on the faculty. He is a fellow of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society of London, the American Philosophical Society and other scholarly societies. He has received many awards for teaching and for his research on the fundamental properties of materials. At Berkeley, Dr. Birgeneau holds the Arnold and Barbara Silverman Distinguished Chair in the Departments of Physics, Materials Science and Engineering and Public Policy. He and his wife, Mary Catherine, have four grown children and twelve grandchildren.

Dr. Robert Barrett

Social Scientist and Consultant

Dr. Robert Barrett is an internationally recognized commentator on human behavior. His work on change and performance has resulted in several award-winning projects in the fields of medical education, surgical team performance, industrial safety, and astronaut training. Dr. Barrett has won 14 major academic awards and has been featured on over 50 television and radio interviews for his perspectives on conflict, group dynamics, and behavior.

Douglas Todd

Journalist, Vancouver Sun

Douglas Todd is a highly decorated journalist and newspaper columnist. Writing mainly for The Vancouver Sun newspaper and Postmedia News in Canada, as well as Readers Digest, he has received 32 national and international journalism prizes, including on the subjects of science, health, spirituality, philosophy, diversity, psychology and ethics. His blog garners more than one million views a year. He is the author of two books and editor of Cascadia: The Elusive Utopia - Exploring the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

Paul Russell

Professor, Lund University and University of British Columbia

Dr. Paul Russell is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Lund University, where he is Director of the Lund|Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP). He is also a Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia, where he has taught since 1987. Among the various honors and awards he has received are a Fowler Hamilton Visiting Fellowship at Christ Church, Oxford University (2010) and the Journal of the History of Philosophy prize for best book published in the history of philosophy in 2008. His most recent book is The Limits of Free Will, a volume of selected essays on the topic of free will and moral responsibility. Along with his academic publications, Dr. Russell has also published opinion pieces and reviews in a variety of venues including, The Globe & Mail, The Vancouver SUN, The Times Literary Supplement, and AEON.

Sigal Ben-Porath

Professor of Literacy, Culture and International Education, University of Pennsylvania

Sigal Ben-Porath received her doctorate in political philosophy from Tel-Aviv University in 2000, after which she joined Princeton University's Center for Human Values as a post-doctoral fellow. In 2004 she moved to the University of Pennsylvania where she is currently a professor of education, philosophy and political science. Her most recent book is Free Speech on Campus (Penn Press, 2017), and her previous books include Citizenship under Fire: Democratic Education in Times of Conflict (2006) and Tough Choices (2010), both from Princeton University Press. She serves on the board of the Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy, as well as the Teachers Institute of Philadelphia. She has been chairing Penn's Committee on Open Expression since 2015.

Catherine Rampell

Journalist and Columnist, The Washington Post

One of America's youngest nationally syndicated columnists, The Washington Post's Catherine Rampell takes a straight-on, data-driven approach to the most intriguing areas of economics, public policy, politics and culture. Ms. Rampell combines sharp analysis, high level humor and insightful observations punctuated by cold facts and unbiased data. Known for addressing mixed audiences that can be at polar ends of the political spectrum, Ms. Rampell deploys data and logic to spark dialog and highlight common ground. Before joining The Post, Ms. Rampell worked as an economics reporter and editor for The New York Times and guest columnist for the Sunday Magazine's "It's the Economy" column. She is a regular guest on Marketplace's "Weekly Wrap," and has appeared on shows on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, MTV, PBS, NPR, CNBC, CBS News, ABC News, C-Span, and the BBC, among others. Honored by her peers, Ms. Rampell is the recipient of the Weidenbaum Center Award for Evidence-Based Journalism and The Society of American Business Editors and Writers blog award and is a two-time Gerald Loeb Award finalist. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Princeton University, where she worked as a research assistant to economist Alan Krueger.

Dr. Judy Sakaki

President, Sonoma State University

Dr. Judy K. Sakaki is the seventh President of Sonoma State University and is the first Japanese-American woman in the nation to lead a four-year college or university. Since becoming president in July 2016, Dr. Sakaki has focused the campus on students and student success. With nearly 10,000 students, Sonoma State has a strong reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. Dr. Sakaki has more than 30 years of experience in higher education with an impressive track record of achievement and collaboration. Prior to Sonoma State, she served as Vice President for Student Affairs for the University of California-Office of the President, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at UC Davis and Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Fresno State. An Oakland native, Dr. Sakaki is a first generation college student, earning her Bachelor's degree in human development and Master's degree in educational psychology, both from California State University, East Bay. She earned her Ph.D. in education from UC Berkeley while a single mom of two sons.