To be eligible to serve on a WACUBO Committee you must work as a management or financial officer at a WACUBO member institution. See WACUBO Bylaws here for more information.   

For general expectations of a Committee Chairperson and Committee Member, see WACUBO Leadership Manual here for more information. 


  • Availability.  The volunteer is in a professional position and a personal situation that will allow her or him to provide the hours that a specific WACUBO position will require.
  • The home institution supports the individual's volunteering, and, if the WACUBO position requires it, supports WACUBO as well with commitments of resources and staff.  WACUBO is an all-volunteer organization.  Everything we do is accomplished through gifts of time, talent and resources.  Some WACUBO positions require modest amounts of time (for example, serving as a volunteer at the Annual Conference to help participants register), whereas others require substantial amounts of time and institutional support (for example, Host Committee Chair for the Annual Conference). Whatever her or his WACUBO position may be, we seek confirmation that the home institution supports our volunteer.
  • History of keeping commitments. WACUBO seeks to understand that the volunteer has a record of following through.  WACUBO's work is sufficiently demanding that there is seldom time for a "do-over" in the recruitment and selection of volunteers.
  • Commitment to WACUBO. WACUBO has a clear mission and current volunteers demonstrate their personal commitment through their contributions of time and talent.  We seek volunteers who know and support our mission.  We follow our volunteers' WACUBO service histories as a way to demonstrate the capacity for increasingly higher positions in our organization.
  • Experience with similar volunteer organizations.  WACUBO is not an exclusive club.  We recognize and value a history of service to NACUBO, the other ACUBO regions, and other associations committed to higher education.
  • Willingness to contribute to the long-range future of higher education from a personal development perspective.  Does the volunteer have a commitment to his or her own personal development as an investment in the future of higher education?  Does he or she have a history of leading innovation at the institutional level?  Does she or he have a history of participating in professional development opportunities, possibly as a leader or presenter, in areas that address our collective future?
  • Has an independent vision for business officer professional development.  Has the volunteer reflected on the role of the business officer to the degree that she or he has developed her or his own thoughtful ideas about what members of our profession need from contemporary professional development programs?
  • Does the career path show a foundation of knowledge?  Has the volunteer served in various professional capacities that help her or him establish a foundation of deep experiential understanding of the range of complex issues that WACUBO seeks to help its members address?
  • Has leadership skills demonstrated by career path and volunteer history. 
  • Ability to collaborate.  As an all-volunteer organization we place a premium on collegiality.  We seek volunteers who can collaborate - who show respect for the ideas of others, who disagree respectfully and through constructive engagement, and who, once a group makes a decision, support the outcome gracefully.