WACUBO's volunteer selection process is managed by our Volunteer Engagement Committee ("VEC"). Our First Vice President Chairs the VEC, whose task is to bring clarity and transparency to volunteering. You can read more about the roles and responsibilities of the VEC here.

There are two ways for business officers serving WACUBO member institutions to let the VEC know they are interested in serving.  At any time you can fill out the volunteer form on WACUBO's website.  Or, once a year in the early Spring, the VEC invites regional members to let us know of their interest by means of a region-wide email.  The timing of this invitation allows placements to take place prior to the beginning of the new program year, which starts each May following the Annual Conference.

Either way, a few weeks after receiving the information from your completed form, a VEC member will contact you directly.  The VEC is composed largely of past presidents of WACUBO, each one of whom has extensive knowledge of the required skills and responsibilities of volunteers serving on our various committees.  The purpose of the direct contact is for VEC members to get to know a bit more about you than is available from the form, which will help better match your skills and interests with service opportunities.

WACUBO values inclusiveness and seeks a balance of diverse volunteers with respect to gender, ethnicity, institutional type and business officer roles and responsibilities.  And as you might imagine, we usually have more volunteers than open positions.  So there is not always an immediately available match between new volunteers and service opportunities.  However, the VEC maintains your information in confidence in our volunteer database and makes every effort to put your time and talents to work for WACUBO.

At the conclusion of the VEC's review process, which can take a few months following the phone interview, the Chair of VEC emails each volunteer with information about the results of the Committee's efforts to place her or him.

Thank you for your interest in joining WACUBO.