Committee Objective: Advise the Board of Directors on issues of importance to WACUBO's sponsors regarding WACUBO programs and services in order to increase the value of being a WACUBO Business Partner and sustain WACUBO's mission.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Holds two to three in-person meetings per year, inviting a carefully selected group of Business Partners based upon their level of commitment to WACUBO and the length and consistency of their partnership with WACUBO.  The Council will be composed primarily of Corporate ($25,000 and above) and Platinum ($15,000 and above) partners.
  • Engages Business Partners in an open discussion of a wide variety of topics, seeking the Partners' input and advice on upcoming events and program topics.
  • Explains to Business Partners WACUBO's strategic plans, mission, vision and values, corporate structure, leadership progression, and other key facts about WACUBO, to improve Business Partners' ability to work effectively with WACUBO.
  • Communicates the results of these meetings to the Board of Directors and to the Committees of the Board and of the Association that have responsibilities to interact with Business Partners.
  • Conducts an annual self-evaluation of the performance of the Council, its effectiveness and compliance with its stated Roles and Responsibilities.


  • Harold Hewitt, Chair
  • Pam Hemann
  • Robert Moore
  • Lynn Valenter
  • Jean Vock
  • Rick Bregman - Bank of America
  • Joe Burkhart - Oracle
  • Lewis Burley - TIAA‐CREF
  • Mary Case - Moss Adams
  • Rick Chisholm - Wells Fargo
  • Mike Gillett - Oracle
  • Margot Golding - Wells Fargo
  • Kirt Ingram - Sodexo
  • Steve Kish - IO Consulting
  • June Matte - PFM
  • Brett Matteo - PFM
  • Mary Perry - Follett
  • Jeff Pomeroy - ABACUS
  • Debbie Russell - A.J. Gallagher
  • Mark Thomas - KPMG
  • Russell Thompson - ABACUS