Committee Objective: Design and implement the annual Leadership Council Event in order to:

  1. Foster greater continuity and communication among all WACUBO Committees
  2. Engage past presidents in meaningful work to strengthen WACUBO
  3. Conduct strategic planning to assure the vitality, communication, implementation, and evaluation of WACUBO's goals

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Works with the President to plan the annual leadership council primarily though conference calls.
  • Works with the Industry Alliance Council and the IEP Committee to garner business partner support for the event.
  • Communicates regularly with the Board of Directors regarding plans for the event.
  • Ensures that all Committee Chairs are knowledgeable about the plans for the event and the Committee Chairs and Committee Members' roles in the event, in order to ensure very high levels of attendance annually.
  • Strives to provide a strong balance of both programmatic content and social engagement during the event.
  • Conducts an annual self-evaluation of the performance of the committee, its effectiveness and compliance with its stated Roles and Responsibilities.


  • Lynn Valenter, President & Chair
  • Janice Abraham
  • Dean Calvo
  • Gregg Goldman
  • Harold Hewitt
  • Charlie Ingram
  • Paul Jenny
  • Dennis Klaus
  • Cindy Matson
  • Dan Morris
  • Stan Nosek
  • Pat Putnam
  • Sally Roush
  • Mike Unebasami
  • Jean Vock