Benchmarking Program

The Campus Business Officer Benchmarking Project is a customized peer benchmarking service available on-demand to the Southern Association of College and University Business Officers (SACUBO), the Central Association of College and University Business Officers (CACUBO), the Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO), and the Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers (EACUBO) members.

The project began in 2012 when SACUBO’s Benchmarking Committee, representing a cross section of SACUBO institutions, surveyed the constituency to determine what benchmarks were needed for strategic analysis by business officers. The committee prioritized financial and demographic information that could be easily collected and submitted.

For 2017, SACUBO partnered with CACUBO for collection of data. In 2018, SACUBO began partnering with WACUBO and EACUBO. The SACUBO Benchmarking Program has now become the ACUBO Benchmarking Program.

Best of all, access to the benchmarking tool, and all the reporting and analytics that comes with it, is FREE!

Benchmarking Tool

The benchmarking tool is a program used for data collection, analysis and reporting – all in one place. Users can create customized peer groups for comparison. There are many filters, including institution type, constituent group, location/region/state, size of institution based on total number of students, and tuition and fees charges. Users are able to filter reports and charts to meet their needs.

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The data entry period is now open for FY2021! Please submit all data by February 28, 2022. 

Benchmarking Committee

The WACUBO Benchmarking Governance Committee represents a cross-section of ACUBO member institutions and includes representation from public and private, as well as large and small institutions.

The members of this committee are recognized for their knowledge and abilities regarding higher education measurement and benchmarking. This group has worked hard to bring to you a practical and easy way to use the benchmarking tool that will help you meet the challenges of the higher education industry.

Brett Powell, Baylor University, SACUBO
[email protected]

Patrick Wamsley, Medical University of South Carolina, SACUBO
[email protected]

Greg Deppong, Michigan State University, CACUBO
[email protected]

Romayne Botti, Rutgers University, EACUBO
[email protected]

Tim Bowman, Harvard University, EACUBO
[email protected]

Arch Asawa, Soka University, WACUBO
[email protected]

Brad Baca, Western Colorado University, WACUBO
[email protected]