WACUBO offers professional development scholarships to individual employees of WACUBO member institutions. These scholarships will go toward all or a portion of the registration fees of an annual conference, professional development (PDC) workshop, or other WACUBO-sponsored professional development programs.

Scholarships DO NOT cover other expenses (e.g., travel, incidentals, etc.). Scholarships will only be awarded to individuals and cannot be applied to any employee attending whose institution has purchased a group registration. Please confirm with your institution if a group registration will be purchased prior to submitting your scholarship application. You may also contact the WACUBO Office directly to verify if your institution has already purchased a group registration.

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Purpose of Scholarship

The general scholarship program goals are to increase participation levels at the annual conference, serve more constituents through WACUBO programs and PDC offerings, and engage more participants from constituent group institutions; to provide assistance to individuals who might not otherwise be able to attend a WACUBO-sponsored development activity, or would not normally attend WACUBO-sponsored programs; to provide networking opportunities between active WACUBO members and scholarship recipients.

Qualification for Award

The applicant’s institution should be located within the WACUBO region.

Who is eligible?

  • Business officers and business office staff at WACUBO member institutions - Individuals from institutions that have purchased a group registration may not apply for a scholarship to that event. You may be asked to resubmit your application for a different event for consideration. 
  • Priority is given to applicants who:
    • Are on the business officer career path
    • Have several years of dedicated service as a business officer
    • Work at an institution that has never sent employees to WACUBO events in the past and whose institution will not be purchasing a group registration
  • However, if funding is available, we will consider applicants:
    • In other administrative, academic or non-higher education fields
    • Who are new to higher education

Constituent committees will approve one scholarship per calendar year per institution or one scholarship per individual per three years, regardless of the event requested. Scholarships may not be applied to Institutions that have purchased a group registration. Please confirm with your institution prior to submitting your application if a group registration has been purchased for the event you wish to attend. You may also contact the WACUBO Office directly to verify if your institution has already purchased a group registration.

Requirements of Awardees

The expectation is that the scholarship recipients would continue their participation (and/or increase participation from their institution) in WACUBO activities. Additionally, upon completion of the program, we ask the recipient to participate in a brief survey that describes the value of the program to their professional development. We will use your feedback to improve our process and programs.

Scholarship Application

The reviewing committee will evaluate scholarship applications and make awards based on the established scholarship program goals (e.g., increase participation at new member institutions) and the application materials.

Who decides which applicants receive scholarships?

  • The relevant “constituent” committee determines which applicants receive scholarships.
    • For example, if you work at a community college, the Community Colleges Committee reviews applications and selects recipients.
  • The constituent committee chair will notify successful applicants.
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