Travel Policy

WACUBO Board and Committee Members are entitled to travel expense reimbursement when conducting WACUBO business. However, when WACUBO business is conducted at any one of the WACUBO annual meetings, the presumption is that the member's home institution will bear those costs. Additionally, WACUBO will reimburse one hotel night at the annual conference hotel for out of area Board members, Annual Conference Host, Program and Showcase Committee members, if they attend the Board or Committee meeting in conjunction with the annual conference.

The President may authorize an exception to this or any other travel expense reimbursement policies.

The Annual Conference Host Committee Chair and Annual Conference Program Committee Chair may send a proxy to other Annual Conference committee meetings and the proxy is entitled to travel expense reimbursement from WACUBO. 

The Treasurer will approve and process the expense reimbursement if the expenses were related to appropriate WACUBO business, the total amount is reasonable, and the documentation is provided as required by the travel policy. Any unusual items or questions will be reviewed with the board president, committee chair or institute director, as appropriate. 

Exceptions related to the President

When the President (or his or her designee) attends any of the regional annual meetings, WACUBO will reimburse the travel expenses of the President as well as the President's spouse or significant other (as they are expected to represent WACUBO in a business role). The President is also entitled to attend and participate in the Institutes, with travel costs covered.

The President may bring their assistant to any Board or committee meeting the President deems necessary to carry out WACUBO business and the assistant is entitled to travel expense reimbursement from WACUBO.


When traveling on WACUBO business, arrangements should be made to keep travel costs as economical as possible to ensure responsible stewardship of WACUBO funds. Board members and committee chairs should work with hotels to obtain discounted group rates when organizing group meetings or activities.

When travelers make their own arrangements for travel not associated with a conference or group activity, WACUBO encourages the use of online travel services (for example, Hotwire, Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia) to obtain discounted rates travel expenses, as applicable.

All travel expense shall be reimbursed based on the most economical mode of transportation and the most usually traveled route consistent with the authorized purpose of the trip. If personal time is added to the WACUBO related business travel, WACUBO will reimburse the business portion of the expenses. If increased expenses are incurred, such as additional airline charges, car rental charges, airport parking, or meal charges, the traveler is responsible for ensuring that charges are appropriately prorated.

The appropriate Committee Chair or the President of WACUBO must approve exceptions to the guidelines outlined in this policy.

The general policy and practices are described below and are available on the WACUBO web site.


Airline tickets: WACUBO members are expected to fly economy or coach class.  Include your invoice or receipt that confirms that payment was made and specifies the amount.  If travel cost is higher than the most economical mode of transportation, due to the addition of personal time, or personal choice to upgrade the travel to business or first class, provide a quote that documents the cost for the most economical choice.  WACUBO will reimburse this amount, and the traveler is responsible for the difference.

If a traveler spends 5 or more hours in the air in a single day, WACUBO will reimburse up to $100 per ticket for an "economy plus" seat with additional leg room.

Ground Transportation: Use the most economical mode of transportation that is reasonable under the circumstances. The use of hotel or commercial shuttle services is often substantially less expensive than taxi service and is encouraged. However, if using a shuttle service takes excessive time, or if safety is of concern, then taxi service may be more appropriate. Also, when two or more travelers share a taxi, the cost may be less than individual shuttle services.  Car rentals should be approved in advance by the appropriate Committee Chair or WACUBO President. Multiple travelers sharing a rental car may be more economical than public transportation. Original receipts are required to document ground travel if over $25.00. If multiple travelers share a taxi or rental car, please list their names on the expense reimbursement request.

Private Car Mileage: To and from destination (i.e., airport, local meeting site). Mileage will be reimbursed at the current federally approved rate. The current rate will be provided on the Travel Claim Form.


WACUBO will cover the cost of lodging based on actual expenses incurred. The original hotel receipt is required that shows traveler's name as the guest, itemized list of charges by date, payment made by traveler and a balance of zero. If payment made by traveler does not appear on receipt (showing bill is unpaid), traveler should submit proof of payment.

The appropriate Committee Chair or the President of WACUBO will indicate how hotel nights many (and which specific nights, if applicable) are approved for a meeting or event.  Exceptions to the approved number of nights due to the location of the traveler must be approved by the appropriate Committee Chair or the President of WACUBO.


Other reasonable travel expenses may be reimbursed if they are necessary. These expenses should be listed separately on the Travel Expense Report. Reasonable expenses include a telephone call home, high-speed Internet access and baggage services. Tips should be included with the services to which they pertain.

Per Diem

WACUBO will reimburse up to $75 per day for meals and incidentals, as follows: $15 breakfast, $20 lunch, $40 dinner. If you personally pay for a group of diners, please list the attendees on the bill or expense reimbursement form.  The per diem rate will be reviewed annually by the Treasurer, and adjusted, if necessary, with approval by the Finance Committee. This Policy will be updated accordingly.

Examples of expenses that WACUBO will not reimburse are:

  • Limousines.
  • Entertainment for the traveler or others.
  • Laundry.
  • In-room movies.
  • Personal items (i.e., shampoo, shaving cream, toothpaste, or in-room mini bar).
  • Personal phone calls. Exception: When traveling on WACUBO business, an occasional, short call home will be reimbursed if requested.
  • Spouse travel. Exception: While the spouse or significant other is welcome to travel to conferences and meetings at their own expense, they are generally invited to group meals. Please discuss with the President or committee chair to identify those events that are appropriate for spouses or significant others to attend.

Updated and approved January 9, 2018 by the Finance Committee for increase in per diem.

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